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Your game in the right hands

Our team is comprised not only of professional localizers but also full-time gamers. That’s what we do, after all. We are gamers while translating and foxes when maintaining NDAs and ensuring data security.

We also value security, which means all your game information and data is 100% safe with us.

Get it translated and localized

All the services needed to launch a game in a new market.



High quality content, following the provided guidelines.


We rely on native and experienced proofreaders for our proofreading tasks.


Editing according to guidelines.


From blog posts to reviews, we have a lot of experience translating marketing content.

Our localization process is one step further.

At Wordfoxes, localization means much more than translating content. It’s also about effectively marketing the game in the target market.

We align SEO with Localization, and use SEO techniques to help our clients spread their game across the globe.

How we do it efficiently

During preparation, we will help to select which languages a game will be localized into, deadlines, potential problems, and among other points.

This is where the in-game data is entered. It will determine the terminology used in the translation and help localizers do a better job.

Localizers will now localize the game with the help of the LocKit. During this stage, it is important that the contact person is available to help with any problems.

Adjusting unique elements based on the targeted area is something a game should not miss. Some games will need to rework parts of visual elements to adapt to a specific culture.

LQA is the last stage in the game localization process. After you have your game translated and localized, you have it tested and reviewed, covering a variety of aspects including UI/UX evaluation.

The partnerships we have built over the years allow us to help branding the games we localize.

Localization Quality Assurance

LQA is the last stage in the game localization process and it covers compliance testing, culturalization, internationalization, and functional tests in game.

Our LQA services include

Linguistic QA

The localized game is analyzed to ensure that linguistic and cultural requirements are in order.

Functional QA

The localized game functionality is analyzed to ensure that nothing is making bugs or crashes.

Visual QA

Our game linguists will analyze the in-game content.


Reach New Markets,
Get New Players

We are specialized in 8 languages and more than 20 countries. Not only do we translate, but we also localize the content in the target market.

Your product in 8 languages​

New languages, new markets, new challenges.
Select one of our available languages and learn
about the possibilities for your business.


We help businesses expand into new
markets creating the proper strategy
and providing the right services for
your company.

At Wordfoxes, localization is one step
further. Not only we localize your game,
but we also help you sell it.

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