When Did Game Testers Became a Thing? How Can I Become One?

Despite the activity being relatively new, the professional video game tester is already a vital part of the video game industry. There’s a ton of fruitful possibilities within the Quality Assurance business facet. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the real responsibilities around this job, and try to shed some light on […]

Video Game Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Indie Video Games

I’m writing this article to provide you with key points to consider when drawing your own video game marketing strategy. First of all, let me tell you something, you should market your game from the very beginning, not just when you finish or almost finish your video game. You should start building your community from […]

Becoming a Video Game Designer: A Path Into the Gaming World

What is a Video Game Designer and how to become one? A video game designer is the visionary behind a video game, responsible for creating its entire concept and structure. This includes designing the game’s storyline, characters, levels, challenges, rules, and gameplay mechanics. Collaboration with a team of developers, artists, programmers, and other professionals is […]


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